Auditing by HLB CMA includes statutory auditing of company financial statements. Trust accounts and other financial reports, internal and forensic auditing can also be performed for our clients. We have extensive experience in both public and private sector auditing in this regard.
The firm's audits include evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies, assessing the reasonableness of our client's significant accounting estimates and considering the overall fairness and presentation of our client's financial statements and cash flow position at a particular point in time.
We identify and quantify previously hidden or unidentified operational as well as structural issues and risks that are critical to our clients' decision to move forward with a transaction.

Our Reviews include:

  • Financial modelling and forecasting.
  • Evaluating manufacturing and inventory management concerns.
  • Understanding distribution and logistics challenges.
  • Analysing a company's sales and marketing program.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and capabilities of a management team.

The operational focus that HLB CMA brings to due diligence reviews allows us to more critically analyse potential challenges to our client and portfolio companies. Our objectivity allows us to identify risks and opportunities, while also alerting buyers to potential integration issues. We strive to present alternatives and make recommendations that will enhance the value of our clients' proposed transaction while protecting their interests.
Other audit services, including the audit of pension and other retirement funds may be provided on request.