Our Policy

Certified Master Auditors Incorporated has a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunities and accepts that certain groups were disadvantaged in the past. This fact is taken into account in its yearly in-take of trainee accountants and its aim to attain representative employment equity over the next few years.

In order to achieve this, Certified Master Auditors Incorporated is committed to ensuring that:

  • Clients receive excellent service by ensuring their requirements are met timeously;
  • Staff members are equipped and trained as professionals to meet the increasingly complex demands of running a business today;
  • Staff members understand and have insight into the complex needs of clients and address them with integrity, competence, skill, vision and energy;
  • The firm delivers each industry specific service combined with innovative thinking and solutions, and
  • On-going in-house education and monitoring of up to date Auditing Standards, Statements and Pronouncements are continously maintained, enabling staff and clients to be completely compliant with the latest professional and financial legislation developments and requirements.