Company Profile

CMA Incorporated is recognised by its clients as one of the most dynamic and progressive South African Chartered Accounting Firms.
The firm has been accredited as a JSE-registered auditor and reporting accountant. An accolade in which only 24 firms, including the big four auditing firms within South Africa, share to date. The JSE has embarked on a comprehensive accreditation process in order to give recognition to auditing firms which are at par with any other major major auditing firm.
As a result of taking many risks and courageous entrepreneurial initiatives, CMA Incorprated has grown rapidly. This growth has been achieved by total commitment to our motto “In pursuit of Excellence.”. The firm is continuously moving with the times, in an endeavour to be the first firm of choice for all our clients and staff. We strive daily to live by out motto and all our strategies are developed to ensure that our mission and vision statements are embraced by all staff members.

We differenciate ourselves from other firms in the following respects:

  • All directors of the company are involved in performing all the main disciplines for selected clients, thus gaining a critical practical understanding of inter alia auditing, accounting and taxation. Within the firm we have specialisation committees in all the areas of importance for a Chartered Accountant, which include the professional staff. In comparison, the big four auditing firms are departmentalised in inter alia auditing, taxation and accounting. This results in a scenario that the auditing partner and staff would not involve themselves in expressing an opinion regarding the residual disciplines, for example taxation.
  • The direct involvement and accessibility of our directors in the audit of our larger clients where the audit director will regularly be at the client's premises directing staff and communicating with the client's senior employees on a one-to-one basis. In the big four auditing firms, in comparison, this is not the case.
  • As a result of our director's direct involvement, the director assumes responsibility in training and assisting new audit staff in conducting the clients' audit.
  • As a direct result of the geographical decentralisation of our offices, we can assist all clients no matter where they are located, and our distance from a client does not matter as it might with one of the big four auditing firms. We can send our professional staff to where it matters the most for you!
  • Directly as a result of the way our company is structured from a human capital perspective, we can confirm that since the inception of the company in 1997 we have always met all deadlines set by our major clients.
  • Everything we do is geared towards maximising time, increasing efficiency and saving you money.

To ensure that we deliver on the promises we make, our regulatory body, the Independent Regularity Board for Auditors (IRBA), subjected our company to a comprehensive firm review during 2009 which is carried out to ensure that all major auditing firms are on par with international standards, and ensures that proper quality control systems are in place. It has been mentioned by the IRBA Review Manager that it is exceptional for a firm to pass the review the first time round, which we had accomplished. Part of our own quality control systems, are to ensure continuous training on ethics and the professional standards as set out by the CPD requirements of IRBA and SAICA. Our directors are all members of good standing with The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

CMA Incorporated is one of the most technologically advanced public accounting firms in South Africa to help ensure accuracy, efficiency and security. The firm has kept abreast of continued investment in Information Technology Systems to be able to adequately assist our clients in an ever-changing business world. This is essential in achieving desired efficiencies and in providing a platform for pursuing excellence. Our approach is to proactively provide solutions to help our clients today and into the future. Some of the software application used in achieving our goals area:

  • CQS Software
    CQS Technology Holdings specialises in the design and development of software products for the provision of professional services for the audit, risk management and financial services.
    The CQS range of software solutions used and focused on improving productivity and customer service are:
  • CaseWare Audit Software
    CaseWare working papers is the only integrated engagement solution including working paper, audit programs, GAAP financial statements and business reporting. The integrated working papers include ""intelligent" audit program and eliminate redundant steps and improve business reporting. The 1300 firms using CQS's solutions range from sole practitioners to firms like KPMG and Ernest & Young, as well as many listed companies.
  • Draftworx
  • Microsoft applications including Outlook Express, Excel, PowerPoint, Exchange Server and Networking.
  • QuickBooks Pro, Pastel Accounting software and EconoAccounting.

References are available on request