Secretarial Services

Close Corporation and Company Formations:

  • Maintenance of statutory books, specifically maintaining the following registers and minute books in an up to date condition:
  • Register of members;
  • Register of debenture holders;
  • Register of directors and officers;
  • Register of interests in contracts of directors and officers;
  • Minute books of the proceedings of general and board meetings;
  • Preparation of AGM minutes;
  • Preparation of Directors minutes;
  • Registered office facilities;
  • Registration of all directors' and members' appointments and resignations;
  • Deeds office search facility;
  • Incorporation of Authorised Share Capital;
  • Change of company name, articles, and memorandum;
  • Special resolutions;
  • Supply of "shelf" companies or close corporations and
  • Formation of new companies or close corporations and trusts.